The Gibb Challenge Testimonials
The Gibb Challenge Testimonials
The Gibb Challenge Testimonials
The Gibb Challenge Testimonials

The Gibb Challenge Testimonials

We love hearing how you enjoyed your experience on The Gibb Challenge so please feel free to share it below.

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The Annual Pilgrimage

Annie and I have taken part in The Gibb Challenge for the last seven years. The event is organised with uber efficiency by the Rimmers along with a tight-knit group of dedicated volunteers. This multitalented mob punch well above their weight in putting on a bucket list experience.

Whether you are a ‘newbie” or a hardened criminal of the event, The Gibb never fails to turn it on to provide unforgettable experiences; friends for life; and a level of fund raising that is nothing short of awesome.

Over the years The Gibb Challenge beneficiaries have received substantial sums of money. This is testament to the wave of support created by this unique event and dogged determination of all involved to push against the wheel to collectively raise sponsorship.

And then there is the event itself. It’s apparently not a race. But competition is fierce along with a camaraderie that ensures everyone is looked after from Derby to ElQuestro.

Then, as the lights fade and we try to return to normality .... it all starts again. Can’t wait for 2019 .... Via Le Gibb.

Testimonial by Ian Cocker and Annie Malone (04-Aug-2018)

Thanks for an amazing experience in 2018

The Gibb Challenge provided the Downer Team with a great opportunity for camaraderie, team building and whole lot of fun.

Most importantly though it was an opportunity to give something back to a good cause. Our business operates all over the country, in and out of communities Urban and Rural. In 2018 knowing the RFDS were the key beneficiary it made our decision to enter pretty easy. The event was so well organized that it was simply enjoyable and we all missed it the moment it ended. Good luck for future rides and we would love to be back again.

Testimonial by Mark (02-Aug-2018)

We are very thankful for the funds donated but the heartfelt support from "Gibbsters" for the challenging work that the RFDS undertakes is probably even more appreciated

Thanks for your excellent leadership of this event – it was a pleasure to participate.  I was impressed by the following specific examples of your leadership that I can recall off hand (I’m sure the evening beers and red wines have led to others disappearing from my memory):

  • Your entertaining, succinct, direct communication via your newsletters;
  • The passion that you and the entire Avanti Plus team showed at the rookies night (the advice for rookies was also very helpful);
  • The way that you consistently recognised all who had contributed to the event, especially the very aptly named "bloody heroic volunteers";
  • The very smooth organisation of the event (including the daily briefings, the way the starts were organised, the safety and "have fun" focus);
  • Your genuine appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the inaugural "Fellows of the Gibb" was a highlight.

In short, any leader who's willing to clean the toilets gets my vote :).  I understand that it takes many people to make such an event a success and appreciate everyone’s contribution (especially Anna’s).  I just reckon it takes strong leadership to achieve such outstanding results, especially given the amazing logistics involved in such a remote location.

Thanks also for your strong advocacy of the RFDS throughout the event.

I’m sure other more formal RFDS thank you’s will find their way to you in due course. I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks. I had a wonderful time and Phil and I are already planning our bigger and better RFDS team for next year’s challenge. 

Please pass on thanks from all of us to the RFDS to anyone involved in the Gibb Challenge. We are very thankful for the funds donated but the heartfelt support from "Gibbsters" for the challenging work that the RFDS undertakes is probably even more appreciated. I was delightfully surprised to be in the company of so many appreciative ex RFDS patients and a whole army of willing RFDS supporters. Let's just say the hundred $20 raffle tickets that we sold in a couple of hours before the auction went like free hot cakes (after the same people had already given so much).

Testimonial by Ian (10-Nov-2014)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event

Simon – our final fundraising tally for this year was an amazing $118,527 – of which $5k went to RFDS and the rest to Autism West. This far exceeded even our best expectations!

If you’re interested in knowing how these monies get put to good use, I encourage you have a look at our video here

Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event, and for allowing us to raise funds for our charity of choice and for not letting it bloody rain this year.  Bring on 2015! 

Testimonial by Adam (10-Nov-2014)

Mate thanks for an absolutely fantastic time

I raised an extra $465.00 which I donated to Care flight NT.

Mate thanks for an absolutely fantastic time, you and your crew deserve the biggest pat on the back for getting this together. This was my first year but I will back again next year if I can get through the ballot for nominations (I will be emailing offering bribes at that time). Time to sit back take a breath and a beer have a bit of reflection time and then get ready for next year.

Testimonial by Pete Polman (from Team Madness) (10-Nov-2014)

Thank you for a Great Gibb 2014!

Just an update on how our team of 7 (5 riders and 2 support, 5 of which were new to the Gibb experience) ended up, we achieved the $1000.00 per team entrant and managed $7,083.75 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (WA).

We also set ourselves a goal of "Five Wishes" for the Starlight Children's Foundation (NT), this was a target of $32,500.00. 2 months before the Gibb 2014 we actually passed this goal due to the overwhelming community support for our NT based foundation. We actually raised $47,297.10 and a further $6,275.95 off line, making a total of $53,573.05 for the Starlight Children's Foundation. The Grand Total of our efforts for 2014 was $60,656.80.

We've already begun our campaign for 2015 (assuming we will be accepted) and have decided to support the Cancer Council NT (specifically to raise awareness about skin cancer in local schools throughout the NT). We have an event lined up in August to kick off fundraising for the 2015 Challenge.

Again many thanks from our fellow Gibbsters for a great 2014 challenge and we look forward to seeing  you in 2015!

Testimonial by David Alm (10-Nov-2014)