Mate's Tax

Mate's Tax

If you can spare a blue manna ($10.00) we can provide a life defining Kimberley Adventure to someone who deserves his or her chance in the dusty peloton.

I ain’t sending you a photo. You don’t get to adopt anyone or anything. Rainforests will continue to be felled, children in developing countries will still be in need, endangered animals will be hunted, bad shit will happen to good people and you’re not going to change the World. But, someone will experience a gesture of kindness and a reaffirmation of worth that might just make their life a little better.

This event of ours changes lives and by spending five days of cycling fellowship in the stunning and ancient landscape of the Kimberley, we can make that difference. I’ve been privileged to hear some heart-warming post event stories; renewed father-son relationships, marriage proposals, lustful hook-ups, life long friendships, improved mental health, positive lifestyle changes and even life saving events. The Gibb Challenge is crazy value and worth every cent but the simple truth is, it’s still a hell of a financial commitment...

Putting my money where my mouth is, Mate’s Tax recipients are provided free entry so all the money raised through this cheeky initiative will be used to get them to the start line in Derby. Mate’s Tax contributions are voluntary and without obligation. It ain't approved by the Australian Taxation Office because it's not a donation......... but a gift. A ten buck gift that could change a life - and that's what mates do.

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