Principal Sponsor - The Spinifex Hotel

Principal Sponsor - The Spinifex Hotel

The Spinifex Hotel has graciously offered to join us again as Principal Sponsor to The Gibb Challenge. Massive shout out to Emanuel Dillon and his Complete Group for their stoic and valued support and I’m sooooooo looking forward to another amazing campaign in 2016!

The Spini has long been the destination for weary travellers to the Gateway of the Kimberley. It developed its ridgy-didge iconic status through years of loyal outback servitude, sating the thirst of adventurers, roustabouts and revellers to the Deep Port Town. The Spini was also the obvious choice for touring and local bands to energise late night celebrations and it was the relaxed, kick back place to catch up with mates and wash away the dust from a day’s hot toil or outback tour.

All those years in the Kimberley Sun took their toll on The Spini and it needed a bit of a pick me up........... Hell, it needed razing and raising from the ground up! With literally gizillions of dollars invested, Emanuel and his super enthused team hit the ground running – and the pace hasn’t let up since! Now there’s a full bar, restaurant, TAB, premier motel style accommodation, luxurious apartments, refreshing swimming pool, BBQs and even a conference room... all created in a lush garden setting. BEA-UT-I-FUL.

The Spinifex Hotel will naturally serve as our venue for the Registration and Safety Briefing on the Saturday night before The Gibb Challenge and it’ll also provide the impressive backdrop for the pre-dawn mass start on Sunday morning.

Sweet, sweet deals will be available exclusively to our fat tyre mob if you want to sleep in sheer luxury, literally metres from the start line. Get in touch with the team at the Spinifex Hotel on (08) 9191 1233 or email to secure your accommodation early.

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